Do you agree?

Be ORIGINAL, don't simply ask me to copy another designer's idea.

Also, lewd/ecchi/hentai artwork is at your own discretion,
 I don't take responsibility  for whatever happens after the payment.

BEFORE you want to place an order, take note that I will not negotiate any price reductions. It's my time that I invest in to meet your needs so the least you can do is think carefully before you want to place an order or not. 

That being said, if you do place an order, I will try my 100% best to make you happy with what you want.

Payment Methods:

  • Paypal (Any PayPal fees are paid by the BUYER.)

  • Steam Gift Cards

  • CS:GO Keys (Anything but Hydra, Revolver, Falchion and Huntsman), or TF2 Keys

  • Sometimes I may take a game that is equivalent to the price or higher

I may not always want to do your order as it may be complicated. The bigger the request, the longer it will take.

First come, first serve basis.

Note: GIF lengths won't be longer than 2 or 3 seconds for the best quality. I don't work for the time you request but rather what I think suits best for you.

 MUST credit me after the artwork is done in the description.

Terms and Conditions

As of 27th May 2019

By ordering an artwork, you agree to the Terms and Conditions below:

  • You will CREDIT me (the editor) in the artwork description with a link to my profile after you have uploaded your work. This is for promotional reasons. Copy and paste the following:

    Artwork by (Designer's name here) - (Designer's Steam URL)


  • You will order only with the intention to pay.

  • That you will give full payment once you have seen a preview of the work from your desired payment choice. Some designers may request that you pay half or full amount before starting a request. Late payments are not appreciated.

  • You have seen my portfolio and have acknowledged my skill. (You know what to expect.)

  • If you want minor changes to the finished artwork, please ask within 1 week if you're suddenly not happy with it in that time frame. Some designers may not provide free edits several months after the artwork has already been done and delivered. 

  • There will be NO refunds once the artwork is completed. Unless its the designer's fault, we may be able to re-edit the artwork.

  • You won't negotiate any price reductions

  • You will not waste my time by asking for unnecessary or major changes mid-way during the work.

  • You will communicate correctly.

  • You will not try to scam and or if you do, serious action will be taken as well as being added to the scammer list.

  • You understand that it is NOT the designer's responsibility to report artworks or contact art thieves if an artwork is stolen. You can report it yourself following this guide.


  • You understand that this isn't my job, and is purely my hobby where I'm charging people to fulfill their requests. You also understand that I don't draw these character, that I simply animate them. Full credits goes to the original artists.

  • You understand that GIFs are not like video quality. Therefore, each GIF may vary in quality.

You will also never receive any project files.

If you ACCEPT all of these terms and conditions, then you can proceed to order an artwork.

Thank you!